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Please read this news letter as some of our details are changing in our Swim School at Arun Leisure Centre.

March 5 2018

March 2018 Update - Arun Leisure Centre Swim School

March 2018

Welcome to our new termly newsletter where we will keep you informed with all that is going on within the Arun Leisure Centre Swim School.

We have now been running the new ASA swim lessons for a year, and whilst we have come across some issues we believe that we have addressed most of them.

The continuous assessment is proving to be an excellent addition as we are able to move the children up as and when they are ready and the badges are starting to be issued for distances, however, this is an area that we are looking to develop further.  

Swim hats are given to new starters and when your child moves up a group they will be given a different coloured hat.

The hats are an important part of the swim programme as not only does it keep hair away from faces and out of eyes, but they also serve as an instant indicator to our lifeguards as to the level of ability of each child.  The colour of the hat relates to the stage that the child is in.

Red - Stage 1

Orange - Stage 2

Yellow - Stage 3

Green - Stage 4

Light Blue - Stage 5

Dark Blue - Stage 6

Purple - Stage 7

Silver - Squad, Challenge Award, Rookie Lifeguard

Don't forget that any child who is paying for swim lessons via direct debit is entitled to swim for free during any public session.

However, it is our policy that NO child under the age of 8 is allowed in the main pool without an adult in the water with them - regardless of the swimming ability of the child.  So if youe child is under 8 they should not be in the main pool either before or after their lesson.

We would ask that parents do not go onto poolside to collect or talk to their child or the swim teacher, but should this be unavoidable can you please make sure you put on the over shoes provided as this reduces the amount of debris that comes into the poolside area.  To collect your children after their lesson you should be meeting them at the collection point between the learner pool and the main pool.  

Should you wish to find out how your child is doing in their lesson you can email the centre and ask for a progress report.

This request will then be given to your child's swim teacher who can advise you on areas that need improvement.

Whilst we appreciate regular feedback would be preferable please do bear in mind that we have over 1400 children on swim lessons and it would not be possible to do this for every child, every week!  

Your child's swim teacher will be telling the children what they need to proactise each week, but if your child has been in the same class for months and you don't know why, please ask for a progress report.

During the February Half Term we trialled moving Stage 3 classes into the shallow end of the main pool.  The reason behind this was that one of the assessment points to move into stage 4 is the need to swim the width of the pool without touching the bottom, and as you can appreciate if the children can touch the bottom they will!

The feedback from the trial was extremely positive from all of the groups with both parents and children excited with the new challenge.  

However, the decision has been taken that the transition will happen gradually over the course of a month.  This gives the children in Stage 4 to get used to the deep end of the main pool gradually and the Stage 5 to adjust to swimming lengths away from the wall.  The goal is to have all lessons moved to their new permanent position by the Easter Holiday.

As from April 2018 the price of the swimming lessons are being increased slightly.  The increases are as follows:

Adult and Baby - increasing to £14.50 per month

Adult and Toddler - increasing to £18.00 per month

Stage 1 to Squad - increasing to £21.00 per month

Rookie Lifeguard Silver/Gold - increasing to £26.00 per month

Adult Lessons - increasing to £26.00 per month

We have also introduced our swimmer of the week awards.  These are where the swim teacher nominates a child in their group who has excelled in a certain area within the lesson, overcome a fear, tried really hard or just been a pleasure to teach - a child can be nominated for anything.

All nominations are collected and a winner is decided by the swim co-ordinator and the centre manager.  The certificate is then given to the child who is picked the following week.  

At the end of each month all swimmer of the week winners are then put forward to the ALC management team who then decide on the swimmer of the month.  When a child is awarded swimmer of the month the child will be given a swimmer of the month certificate and a complimentary family swim and the parent will be asked to take a photo of the child holding their certificate so that we can put them up on our swimming notice board (only if the parent and child are happy for this to happen).

and finally

We would like to thank you all for your patience and continued support over the past year.  As most of you know Carolynn in the swim office deals with all the queries regarding anything linked to swim lessons and with so many children within the swim programme she can't always get to meet everyone, but she is always happy to help wherever she can.

Should you wish to contact Carolynn please phone 01243 826612 and choose option 3 or email her on  

contact us for more information or call 01243 826612