new fitness equipment for 2017

Our Newsletter from Arun Leisure Centre gym.

January 6 2017

New fitness equipment for 2017...

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A very happy new year to all of our members at Arun Leisure Centre!

You may have noticed over the past few weeks, new equipment being introduced and installed in the fitness suite and weights room downstairs.

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the exciting improvements and new equipment for 2017.

Octane Seated Cross Trainers:

These cross trainers offer heart rate controlled programs to help you better manage your training.  The innovative 30:30 performance program lets you test your fitness level and see your exercise efforts pay off in just a short period of time.  The machines are designed to be all inclusive, disabled users and those that are visually impaired can enjoy the fitness benefits that this has to offer.

Challenge yourself even more with the unique workout boosters Muscle Endurance, Chest Press and Leg Press focusing on troublesome areas for optimal results.

Jigsaw Stretch Area Flooring:

The new flooring is shock absorbing, so when performing impact or functional movements, the flooring will help tusers to avoid injury.  The new flooring utilises the floor space for multiple gym users.

Extended Free Weights Area:

The free weights area has been extended at the far side of the fitness suite, this has allowed us to add two new benches, and at the end of January we will have a new set of dumb bells added to the existing stock - the new dumb bells range from 10kg up to 28kg.

IFI Technogym Treadmill:

An IFI Treadmill has been added to our CV equipment.  The treadmill is all inclusive, and has been designed to aid visually impaired users.  It has raised buttons and lighter colouring on the trimming. 

Downstairs Free Weights

In the downstairs weights room an investment has been made to replace some of the older dumb bells.  A new set ranging from 15kg up to 37.5kg has been installed.

Downstairs Assisted Chin / Dip:

A new piece of equipment has been installed in the weights room to assist users to perform chin ups and tricep dips.  The assisted weight stack can help users to build strength or tone up.  Perhaps build up to performing the perfect pull up!

Still to come....

 Week commencing the 23rd January 2017 we have a delivery scheduled including:

  • A new Technogym Power Rack to be installed in the far corner of the downstairs weights room.  This will replace the 'mono lift'. 
  • 2 new strength benches to go into the downstairs weights room.
  • A rack and set of new dumb bells to go upstairs in the fitness suite, ranging from 10kg - 28kg.

Please remember if you are unsure of any of the new equipment, please ask one of our fitness instructors to assist you.