30-minute nutritional guides

August 20 2018

nutritional guides now available

At Arun Leisure Centre and Littlehampton Swimming & Sports Centre we can now offer our customers a new 30-minute nutritional guide.

This includes five nutritional questions in a form of a quiz.  Following this our instructors will then feedback information for each question based on the government guidelines healthy eating plate guidelines.  We call this the Eatwell Plate.

The Eatwell guide provides us with information on foods and food groups, additionally the percentage of these food groups that be in a balanced, healthy diet.  Find out more about the Eatwell Plate by speaking to a fitness instructor today and let us help you to get the balance right.  The Eatwell Plate will show you how much of what you eat should come from each food group.

The Eatwell Plate includes the following groups:

  • Fruit & Vegetables
  • Bread, Rice, Potatoes & Pasta
  • Milk & Dairy Foods
  • Foods/Drinks High in Fat/Sugar
  • Meat, Fish, Eggs & Beans

This is a good opportunity for members to be provided with good nutrition advice, along with their fitness training programme in our gyms.  Members can take the information our team provides home with them and look to implement.

Find out how much you need to eat of each by taking our Nutrition Quiz at the leisure centres across Arun!

For more details, contact us by email on arunlc@freedom-leisure.co.uk or call our team on 01243 826612.  

contact us for more information or call 01243 826612